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Welcome to the Good Food Project

The Good Food Project is a model community garden network that feeds, educates, and connects Food Bank clients and the broader CENLA community, creating a culture of health in the public schools, and empowering people to achieve better healthy through sustainable gardening and access to nutritious food.

- A program of the Food Bank of Central Louisiana

The Good Food Project

impacts over 25,000 children and adults.

An earnest desire by the management of Keller Enterprises to provide fresh, high-quality produce, reconnect people to the food they eat, educate them about good nutrition and sustainable garden practices and establish a boundary-free sense of community is the seed from which The Good Food Project sprouted.


Keller Enterprises, an Alexandria-based agricultural company with nationwide interests, made a substantial gift through the Central Louisiana Community Foundation to fund the initial years of the project.  With continuing support and input from Keller Enterprises, The Food Bank of Central Louisiana administers the Good Food Project.

The Good Food Project began with a 1/3 acre demonstration garden as part of the Food Bank complex.  Here, gardeners of various ages and experience levels take classes, learn about and view different organic garden options, and can volunteer to cultivate, plant and harvest fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs that are distributed to Food Bank clients or local non-profits that serve food to the needy.

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