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The Good Food Project depends on its amazing volunteers to help the community grow!

The Good Food Project depends on its amazing volunteers to help the community grow! From building garden beds to leading garden education classes, our volunteers help us make a difference. Whether you can commit one hour per week or forty, we can use your talents.  

There are many ways to get involved through our demonstration and off-site gardens You can  help decrease the chances of food insecurity by empowering low-income families to grow food for themselves, friends, and neighbors in their own back yard. From building garden beds to mentoring home gardeners, volunteer opportunities abound.


  • Garden Installation- Build garden beds in the spring and fall.

  • Garden maintenance- participate in planting, harvesting, soil preparation, composting, pruning, weeding, watering, landscaping, building projects, general maintenance and other needs.

  • Garden Mentors- Work one-on-one with a home gardener, providing support and guidance with garden care, planning, planting, problem-solving, maintenance, composting, and winterization.

Learn and Grow

Educate others to better provide themselves with affordable and healthy food by teaching workshops for our Garden Recipients as well as the general public.



  • Workshop Presenters - Share your knowledge in topics like Garden Planning, Composting, Basic Gardening, Seed Saving, Cooking, Food Preservation, Winter Gardening, Urban Livestock and others. 

  • Nutrition Education- Teach others to create nutritious, seasonal, and delicious meals from the food grown in their backyards.


Special Projects

Do You have special skills to share with us? We are especially looking for expertise in:

  • Grant Writing

  • Carpentry

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Videography

Please contact Frances Boudreaux at (318) 445-2773 or for more information about volunteer activities.

Remember, when you volunteer to help at our garden, not only are you helping to alleviate hunger in our community, but you will be learning about sustainable and organic growing too!

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