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Natchitoches Parish OCS Serving Grandparents and their Grandchildren

The Natchitoches Parish Office of Community Services (OCS) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the residents of Natchitoches Parish through focusing on meeting the needs of the low income and disadvantaged population and in promoting the personal and family growth as they move toward self-sufficiency while preserving their dignity.

Natchitoches OCS has participated in the Food Bank of Central Louisiana's Retail Recovery Program for three years, where they receive food donated from the local Walmart store. Donated items such as meat, bakery items, canned goods, dry goods, and some non-food items are distributed twice a month to families served by their agency.

"The OCS food pantry serves clients of all ages, but the majority of the clients who receive food from us are seniors," stated Natasha McHenry, commodity representative for Natchitoches OCS.

"They're excited about the Walmart stuff. If they receive SNAP, they may only get $30 or $50. They extra food we get from Walmart helps them get through the month," McHenry continued.

During the COVID pandemic, many of the seniors served by OCS opened their homes and their kitchens to grandchildren during the day.

"I have seniors that are keeping grandkids because of virtual schooling," McHenry said. "With the meat and bread I have from Walmart, they're making sandwiches. They're excited about that." #fighthunger

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