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News from the Good Food Project

The Annual Potato Dig

Community Volunteers, Good Food Project Advisory Board Members and volunteers along with the Good Food Project Staff had their Annual Potato Dig at the North Louisiana Community Garden on the morning of May 25, 2018. After a couple of months of preparing, planting, watering, and tending to the garden, all along everyone wondered what was happening underground. We all were almost giddy in the anticipation as we waited to see what was uncovered. The process was really quite simple. All that was required to have this wonderful harvest, was placing the seed potato in the ground, cover with dirt, water and wait. Then watch for the potato plants to turn a rusty color, and wait just a few more days and then it is time to dig. All was required was to stick the pitch fork in the dirt ever so carefully and then turn the soil over. At first the thought occurs it is only packed soil and rocks, but most of the time out rolls firm spuds of different sizes. The excitement mounts and you can here "there's one, Wait, look at the size". Yes this was a great day for all who participated. We also harvested carrots and string beans. Afterward we enjoyed a fish fry with potatoes, fresh green salad, and fruit.

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