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News from the Good Food Project

The Inglewood Classic 5K will be here soon!

In just one day and a month the Inglewood Classic 5K will take place on the historic grounds of Inglewood Farm. The sun will be rising early that morning with the crops covered in sparkling dew. Its a great place to watch the sun rise. Workers will be getting the race preparations ready and soon the farm will be busy with those their to run to victory and those there to walk for fun. But all will be there for a good cause. The Good Food Project. The Good Food Project has an extraordinary opportunity to guide children toward healthier lifestyles by creating a healthy nutrition environment within the school. Nutrition is a critical building block for student success. Active, healthy, and well-nourished children are more apt to attend school and are more prepared and inspired to learn. The garden setting, paired with the nutrition program, provides a learning opportunity that takes children from the creation of a process to the end — from planting seeds to sampling healthy food grown from those seeds. Lifelong skills that will sustain these children — how to grow their own food; how to prepare their own food; how to have fun doing both — are hallmark of this program. Won't you join us?

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