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Just imagine!!! Growing more than 3 tons of organic produce, flowers and herbs annually for an entire community on less than an acre of land? Sound impossible? There are community gardens all over the country doing just that. These community gardens are often called the "new" green space. Community gardens have been around for hundreds of years, and they benefit the volunteers who work in them as much as the people they feed.

Not only do community gardens draw people together from various backgrounds regarding their age, race, culture and social class, they also grow more than food---the involvement in the social community usually leads to a long term relationship between people that might not ordinarily "network". The seeds of change are planted in the ground, but also through fostering new generations of mindful individuals.

With community gardens, families supplement their food bills with organic produce from spinach to lettuce, to onions to potatoes, winter squash, kale, turnips, edible flowers, and so on. They even grow enough to give "extra" to their neighbors. They learn organic gardening skills, composting and other skills.

Come grow with us at the Good Food Project! Dig in the dirt, plant seeds, feel inspired knowing that the mulch you put down for eggplant will soon yield a crop for many people's dinner tables. Community gardening can be your new love. There is so much to learn. PUT DOWN ROOTS, AND GROW WITH US!!


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