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Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Let's face it, whether we are fond of creepy crawlers or not, some of them are extremely beneficial insects to have in our gardens. Spiders too. Of course, there are a ton of pesky bugs out there that will wreak havoc on your vegetable and flower gardens but there is no need to have chemical pesticides, instead buy or catch bugs. If you don't have a huge garden you might only have to relocate the insects pestering your plants, as killing them isn't always necessary or beneficial. The insects can have a positive impact all the way around.

Damsel bugs are not damsels in distress. This damsel plays the hero! They feed on the various invasive insects. They will eat aphids, small caterpillars, leafhopper/Cicadas, and other creepy crawlers you don't want around. Lacewings and their larvae feast on the unwanted bugs in the garden. Mealybugs, white flies, and caterpillars are among the lacewings favorite. They are attracted to the yard by planting cosmos, sweet alyssums, coreopsis, and Angelica.

Ground bugs are nocturnal insects that will take the night watch overt the gardens. They eliminate cutworms, slugs, and cabbage maggots. They are attracted to perennials and white clover. Lady Beetles aka Lady Bugs will take care of any aphids or mites that invade the garden. They're attracted to dill yarrow, Angelica, and fennel. Now the praying mantis is incredible. Since they are bigger than other insects they can eat bigger bugs and more of them. They're not only good for the garden they're just GOOD! They will feed on aphids, grasshoppers, crickets, mosquitoes, flies, and roaches to name just a few.

Of course we know that spiders are not insects but they are incredible for the gardens and some of them will keep away the bad spiders. Wolf spiders, garden spiders, jumping spiders and orb-weavers are all fantastic to have around the yard. So bugs can be our garden friends and we need their help!

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