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No Room For A Garden--Oh NO

You may not have the space or patience to become a master gardener, but anyone can master container gardening. It's A cinch. All you need is a container (a planter in true gardener speak), potting soil, some plants and you are ready to go. Thinking of container gardening like this, makes it easy to see why container gardening ideas can be endless. There are tons of container ideas out there to spruce up your porch or patio with pretty container gardens in no time.

Nothing is more convenient when you need a tomato or a pinch of fresh basil than to step out the kitchen door to your container garden of vegetables and herbs. Sometimes the sun you need to grow veggies and herbs is only found on a patio, deck, or the edge of the driveway. For full-sun plants, put containers wherever you can see your shadow most of the day. Often the soil around a newer home is poor because it is down to the subsoil and compacted by machinery. You will spend less time, money and effort to plant in containers of potting mix until you can build good soil in a garden spot

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