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Green is in! Happy National Garden Month

Green is IN. The greening movement is happening most visibly in urban areas and in small communities and schools, and it success reaches beyond beautification. Community gardens provide people with food and serenity, build stronger neighborhoods, and help clean up the environment. Gardening is not just a feel good activity any more. More and more communities are recognizing that garden reduce crime, increase citizen involvement, increase property values, empower residents to build stronger ties to the neighborhoods and provide nutritious food in areas where it may not be readily available. Support your local community gardens!

Greening often starts in cities in the form of a community garden. The ingredients are simple. take a vacant lot, a few passionate neighbors, help from local officials and community crops, and add a little old fashioned hard work, and the lot is transformed into a garden filled with food, flowers. trees and shrubs. BUT what ultimately grows there extends beyond the transformation of one city lot. Time after time, community gardens start a domino effected of positive actions in the wider world.

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