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The Beauty of a Sensory Garden

All gardens appeal to the senses in one way or another, as every plant bears individual characteristics that entice different senses in unique ways. There is nothing more pleasant than to stroll through a garden and admire the rainbow of colors and diversity in texture while taking in the sweet fragrance of flowers in bloom. Sensory gardens strive to maximize the sensory impact that the garden has on its visitors. They can be themed, divided into sections or presented as a whole. Sensory gardens are user friendly and encourage the garden guest to touch, taste, admire, smell and listen.

First and foremost when choosing plants for sensory gardens, it is imperative that you choose plants that will thrive in your garden region. Native plants are great because they are used to the environment, are less susceptible to disease and are generally lower maintenance than other non-native plants. Include plants and other things that entice the senses. To stimulate hearing, choose plant flora that makes noise when the wind passes thru them, such as bamboo stems. You can also use chimes, or other metal items than make noise with the wind. There is no shortage of plants that offer interesting textures, perfect for encouraging the sense of touch. Do not plant anything that can be dangerous such as prickly roses. The sense of smell is extremely memorable and aromas easily find their place in our memory banks. Highly aromatic plants include the sweet smelling gardenia, honeysuckle, herbs and spices, provide ample opportunity for stimulation. Adding visual interest to a sensory garden can be achieve by using plants with varying habits such as those that creep, climb, trail, and stand upright. Different blooms also provide color for visual appeal. Edible fruits, herbs and spices planted in a sensory garden allow visitors an opportunity to experience nature's bounty while enticing their taste buds.

Creating a sensory garden is an exciting and worthwhile project that provides unlimited opportunities.

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