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Healthy Habits

Gardening is a healthy habit. It allows you to grow your own food and also gives you an opportunity to bring your family together. A successful garden depends on your planning, attention, and hard work. There are many wonderful reasons to be involved with gardening and especially to involve children. Children love digging in the dirt, looking for worms and insects, watering the garden and themselves! Besides having fun, there are many benefits to gardening with children.

The National Gardening Association has documented that teachers and youth leaders describe how gardening benefits kids' health and well-being, their attitudes toward learning and the environment, their connections to community and so much more.

What other activity can you think of that can help us eat healthier, provide strength and cardio training, increase flexibility plus relieve stress! Gardening can provide all of these plus so much more. Vary your gardening activities to keep your interest and to broaden the range of benefits. By introducing children to the joy of gardening at an early age, you are exposing them to what can become a lifelong passion and healthy habit!!! Children will also enjoy the special time they are spending with an adult in the garden---someone who is encouraging their creativity and curiosity.

Growing your own food is a rewarding experience for all, so get out there and start gardening today!!

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