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Its Time To Grow Garlic

Garlic is one of the easiest things to plant. You just need some garlic, some dirt, and some fall weather. So NOW’S THE TIME! Simply go to your local grocery store and buy the garlic you want to plant. Make sure the garlic you choose hasn't been treated with anything to keep it from sprouting (organic garlic should do the trick!). Pull apart the garlic head separating the cloves, and pick out the biggest cloves for planting. The bigger the clove you plant, the bigger the resulting head of garlic will be. The end with the flat part is the root of the garlic. The pointy end is the tip of the garlic. You want to plant the garlic “root” end down "pointy tip" up. Plant the cloves so they’re around 4 inches apart and their tips are covered by an inch or two of dirt. Cover them up and wait. With a little help from the sun, water, and some earth crawlers to aerate the soil, your single clove will produce an entire head of garlic!

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