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Come grow with us!


The Good Food Project recently reviewed the data that had been gathered and determined that its work with children was the area that had the greatest potential for impacting healthy behaviors.  Through this process the vision statement has been changed to "Through education and community partnership, The Good Food Project works to connect children with healthier food options, healthier behaviors, and improved health outcomes.  Because a Healthy Life is a Happy Life!  

The goals for this project  include:

  • The Good Food Project will support a “culture of health” in CENLA public schools.

  • The Good Food Project will continue to support and leverage GFP’s existing garden sites in service to educating and connecting children to healthier food options.

  •  The Good Food Project will increase the Advisory Council’s ambassador role to help connect and promote the program. The Good Food Project will increase its staff capacity to deliver its programs.

  • The Good Food Project will work to ensure it has a clear, specific, and formalized communications plan to effectively promote its work and attract new partners.

  •  The Good Food Project will diversify its revenues in order to sustain the program.

With the expansion of the Good Food Project garden/nutrition education program sites, we will not just feed children and adults for a day or a week, but will help them eat better, make healthy choices,  grow their own food,  provide food for others and also remain active throughout their lifetime.
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