Starting Local Gardens

The Good Food Project serves as an active resource in helping schools, organizations, churches, neighborhoods, businesses and individuals establish and maintain gardens.

Our staff -- with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture -- can help you plan and plant a garden.

Schools also may qualify for a $200 garden start-up grant from the Rapides Soil & Water Conservation District.

Gardens have been an important aspect of many cultures in history.  In the past, community gardens were commonly used to provide food for families year-round.  During WWII, victory gardens  were an important source of food for American families.  Recently, there has been a resurgence of community gardens to help mitigate the impact of food deserts and as a use for the increased number of vacant lands present in urban areas.  Community gardens can provide fresh, healthy produce for residents and allow them to reduce their food bills.  The Good Food Project needs you to come grow with us and take roots in the community.

Good Food Project Garden Checklist

    Things We Can Do to Help You

    • Plan your garden start-up, including site selection, soil preparation and plant selection
    • Conduct on-site classes appropriate to your needs
    • Provide educational resources to meet all aspects of your garden

    Things You Must Do

    • Provide garden materials and supplies
    • General up-keep and garden maintenance: including planting, watering, nourishing, weeding and harvesting
    • Organize class participation and organizational activities
    • Designate an on-staff garden coordinator
    • Determine that the garden plot is free from underground utilities and other hazards

    Things to Consider

    • On-site composting
    • Collecting rain water
    • Type of soil
    • Storage area for tools and supplies
    • Worm Bin
    • Parental or volunteer involvement, including donation of supplies and materials
    • Soil test (available from LSU AgCenter)

    Materials You Will Need

    • Shovel and/or spade
    • Hand trowels
    • Garden rake
    • Hoe
    • Garden soil
    • Watering can
    • Growing containers (optional)
    • Hay/hardwood leaves/grass clippings for mulching
    • Wheel barrow (if necessary)
    • Clippers/scissors for harvesting

    Helpful Books

    • The New Organic Grower (Elliott Coleman)
    • Gaia’s Garden A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture (Toby Hemenway)

    Helpful Websites



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