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Volunteers Fill the  Demonstration Garden

Summer vegetable gardening involves harvesting and enjoying your fresh veggies, making time to sow more vegetables if you want to be harvesting into the fall and winter, and taking care of your existing garden with weeding, watering and fertilizing your plants to keep them happy and producing.  Gardening is a great activity to get in daily exercise, clear one's mind after a long day of work, grow nutritious fo0d and just be a peace in nature.  When taking care of your plants and enjoying the outdoors, remember to take care of yourself.  Drink plenty of water while gardening, wear a hat and sunscreen.  Adding a bench or lawn chair will remind you to stop and enjoy the beauties of nature. Make sure the birdbaths have water and enjoy them as they play.  Happy Summer!

The Demonstration Garden is full with cucumbers, peas, eggplant, tomatoes, squash and plenty of pollinating flowers.  Our chickens are a fun addition to the garden and enjoy a variety of vegetable scraps and bugs..   We would love for you to call or stop by to schedule a tour of the garden. Volunteers are busy every Wednesday working in the garden. 

Living in Louisiana means we are very fortunate to have 12 months of growing season.  Succession planting means more produce from our garden!  So before long we will be ready to plant for our fall harvest!

Coming soon is our fall fundraiser---Savor the Season Garden Party.  Come and celebrate with us all that is local and abundant.  Taste the delicious signature dishes of our local chefs.  Enjoy the beauty of the garden.  Will we see you there?


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